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Default Pleez purr fur myown sisfur Rebecca

Sundance and/or Rebecca wrote in

Oh, fangu, gize. Dis lukz furry gud!

[Rebecca laps up some of the broth and tries each of the different
kinds of meats in it.]

Mmm, furry yummy. Da liver shud be speshully hewpful, cuz da fudz dat
da TED sed I shud eet haz lotz uf liver. Evin da chikkin an toona
flaverz haz more liver dan chickin or toona!


Cash and Daisy-chan port in with a second tureen, this time mousie
blood as more appropriate to a kittah.

This one is just right with a balance of rat from Momma Cat and the
donations of 3 mousies from the communities as well as !6! from the Rat
terriers and 2 from Daisy-chan.

Their meowmie carefully adds livers, hearts and other parts good for
kittahs in there.

She then starts freezing the blooded 1/2 the of the the catch, and then
for the other 1/2 blooded, grinding then dehydrating.

After several grinds and dehydrations, she has whole mousie powder for
distribution to those too south to keep frozen mousies in caches. 'Just
add water'. The 2foot grins as it dissapears to where it is needed.

She puts the mousies for Rebecca's tomorrow dinner, out on the porch in
a nice airy cage with lots of water and mousie foods.