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Default Pleez purr fur myown sisfur Rebecca

On Sunday, November 5, 2017 at 9:36:03 PM UTC-8, Sundance and/or Rebecca wrote:
Oh, fangu, gize. Dis lukz furry gud!

[Rebecca laps up some of the broth and tries each of the different kinds of meats in it.]

Mmm, furry yummy. Da liver shud be speshully hewpful, cuz da fudz dat da TED sed I shud eet haz lotz uf liver. Evin da chikkin an toona flaverz haz more liver dan chickin or toona!


PIt2nya drops by with her (c) treet, Mousicles, and also mouseliver onna stik...
Heer ya go Rebecca, try these...
Pit2nya AKA Sweetee