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Default Beware of cat on window air-conditioners

Beware of cat on window air-conditioners.
This might not apply to anyone here, not suggesting it is
anything but an unfortunate rare occurrence. But just in case...

My neutered outside feral attempted to jump from the window AC
unit onto her nearby covered platform (with a heating pad).
Unfortunately, one of its toes stuck in a cut out vent on the
top of the AC. So she yelped and was stuck hanging there.
Fortunately I was right there when it happened. At some risk, I
grabbed/lifted the feral up back to the top of the AC then undid
her stuck toe. Naturally she was upset with me, just for being
there when it happened. Fancy Feast to the rescue. Less than 12
hours later, seems to be mostly over the trauma.

Imagine if I had not been there. She might have lost the pad on
her toe, or worse. It is a small 5000-6000 BTU unit, the slats
are less than 1/4 inch wide. She enjoyed looking in through the
window, but we can do without that. Or I will cover it. Winter
is extremely short here.