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Originally Posted by Peter W. View Post
a) Tooth loss: Painful in and of itself. Chewing anything will be an agony. You can do nothing about it at this point.
b) Severe weight-loss (Catabolisim): Nerve pain, tremors, muscle pain. Short of force-feeding, there is nothing you can do about this, either.

17 years is a very good run for a cat that has had sketchy vet services, and a moderate run for a cat that has had excellent care-and-feeding. You have no guilt here, at all. Give the cat a soft landing, mourn his passing, and move on. He will thank you for it!
Dear Peter W., great thanks for medical part, and for the "end run" advice. I'll though try some more; in particular I found in a regular supermarket something that they call "stew for 10-year old cats and older" (chicken, fish) in small vials -- it is essentially almost a gel with tiny very soft morsels of fish or meat -- and so far my cat is happy with it, he leaves his plate cleanly licked... Will see how it goes; I hope he will be able to go with it for as long as a few months, we'll see...He is a very smart and loyal cat; his eyes alone say a lot, and he is a part of family, so I'll be trying to do everything possible to help him go on as far as it takes. The only thing I'll not subject him to, is a surgery... Thanks again.