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Default Jungle gym out of carpet wrapped PVC tubing?

(---MIKE---) wrote:

It would be easier (and better) to wrap the PVC with sisal rope.

I will try that some time. I am going with carpet wrapped 2x4s this time.
Something is needed for the joints. Sisal rope sounds like a good idea.
Thanks. I wonder what is the risk of catching their claws the wrong way on
uneven surfaces. I guess not much. Will find out.

It's better to encourage scratching on a surface OTHER than carpet

Carpet layers use various tools with steel spikes which dig deeply into
carpet and put great stress on it. Carpet wrapped 2x4s haven't encouraged
my cats to scratch the carpet anyway.

By the way. When I offered the new cat Kiki's old carpet wrapped 2x4s, he
stopped scratching on the furnature. Day before yesterday, I removed the
carpet from Kiki's 2x4 in order to add the wood to their new jungle gym.
For the first time in eight years, Kiki has started clawing the furniture.
Time to finish that project.