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Default Halogen oven (OT)

Christina Websell wrote:

I got one a while ago and it's very useful. Last night when boyfie & I
were watching the telly we heard a crash from the kitchen and now it's a

That's weird. Crashes from another room usually implicate one of my cats,
but you had Boyfie with you. Hmm. Maybe you have greeblings? Maybe Boyfie
has a job to do.

Anyway, I'm sorry that happened, however it happened! It sounds expensive.

I spent ages with the vacuum cleaner cleaning up from the smashed
glass for Boyfie's paws.

I knkow what you mean! Whenever glass breaks in my house, I'm super-paranoid
about it and I vacuum everywhere. Licky races for the cave under my bed - he
doesn't realize I'm using the sucky monster for his benefit. (Well, and Roxy's
and mine, too.)


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