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Default Halogen oven (OT)

Christina Websell wrote:

"Bastette" wrote in message
Christina Websell wrote:

I got one a while ago and it's very useful. Last night when boyfie & I
were watching the telly we heard a crash from the kitchen and now it's a

That's weird. Crashes from another room usually implicate one of my cats,
but you had Boyfie with you. Hmm. Maybe you have greeblings? Maybe Boyfie
has a job to do.

Anyway, I'm sorry that happened, however it happened! It sounds expensive.

I spent ages with the vacuum cleaner cleaning up from the smashed
glass for Boyfie's paws.

I knkow what you mean! Whenever glass breaks in my house, I'm
about it and I vacuum everywhere. Licky races for the cave under my bed -
doesn't realize I'm using the sucky monster for his benefit. (Well, and
and mine, too.)

I put him outside while I used the sucky monster as he really hates it, and
he wasn't very keen on being put outside but sometimes a meowmie needs to do
what a meowmie needs to do for Boyfie's greater good.
It's been suggested that I claim on the 12 months insurance I got with it,
saying the bowl cracked for no reason. I simply can't do that because I
know that wasn't the case, so I've ordered a new one.
How it happened, I don't know and never will.

The upside is that June has the same model so I can give her the lid with
the all important electrical parts in in case hers fails.
The downside is I now have to stay in for days waiting for my new one to

They don't even tell you which *day* they're coming? That seems a little

Usually when I'm getting something delivered, I might have to wait an
entire day, but never more than that. Sometimes you can specify morning or
afternoon, or even shorter windows of time.

This is the kind of situation where a mobile phone would come in handy.
They could call you when they're on the way so you can go in the house
and be ready when they arrive.


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