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Default Best Buffy Pic Yet!

On 7/6/2015 5:19 PM, Adrian wrote:
jmcquown wrote:
I love this photo I got of her inside her little crackle sack:


Such a sweet face. 😻

The great thing is Buffy doesn't merely look sweet, she *is* sweet.

She just needed to live in a home where she wasn't being bullied by
another cat (or possibly two, as it turned out).

I'm sorry her owner died but Buffy was probably not happy even before
that occurred.

Buffy is having a big time living with me. She's got good food, toys, I
play with her, and she's got no other cats to pick on her.

It has turned out to be the perfect match.

Naturally I didn't get rid of the pet steps I had bought for Persia. I
have steps by the window that looks out front and steps up to my bed.
Buffy uses both sets of steps.

The cutest thing is when I leave the house. I've caught Buffy sitting
on the kitty steps inside the front window. Just as Persia did. They
both know/knew the sound of the garage door opening. They also knew
when I closed it it meant I was going somewhere.

It's fun when I come home and see Buffy sitting on the kitty steps in
that window. She hears the garage door going up and she sits on the
kitty steps and watches and waits for me.