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On 7/21/2017 12:03 PM, Jack Campin wrote:
Why, if cats don't like belly rubs, do they display themselves
like this?
That's Buffy just a few minutes ago. In a puddle of sunshine.
Here's the answer. It's a sign of trust. It shows they know
you aren't going to hurt them. They're exposed, vulnerable.
It does *not* mean they want you to rub their belly. No matter
how soft or tempting, be ready for the claws to come out.

Ollie and Marblecake both do that. Marblecake genuinely does want
you to rub her tummy and purrs ecstatically waving her paws in the
air when you do it. For Ollie, it's the "Venus flytrap" hunting
strategy and it can take some doing to get several pounds of hungry
gingerness off your hand.

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Rudy (RB) used to love belly rubs, but at some point he'd have enough
and then all the claws and teeth clamped on. He didn't get very many
belly rubs.