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Default Getting a quote for a fence

"dgk" wrote in message
I don't want a fence, but I need some way to keep my cats from
straying and I"d like to start letting them out. Around $2300. That's
two 25 foot fences with a 4' gate in each one. I was checking on cat
containment systems but putting together a decent one would be around
$700 and wouldn't allow them to really roam the yard.

So I guess I'll do it, but I won't be eating for a while. I'll line
the tops with something like Cat Fence In, because they can easily
scale a 6' wood fence. I thought about vinyl but apparently they can
scale that as well and it's tougher to attach the netting at the top.

Just been trying to do this myself. I'd like my exotic shorthairs to
experience the outside world. In my garden. To see the birds and beetles
and stuff. Nelli was scared when she saw a spider. Wilbur was scared when
I took him outside on a harness and birds were there. He was used to a tiny
garden with no trees. so having woodpigeons exploding out of the trees when
they saw him was a real shock.
I doubt Nelli and Garfie have seen a bird in their whole life.

It's not safe to let them outside. No breeder will let you have one unless
you promise to keep them inside. and I know why. Because they have no sense
about the outside world, they'd get run over immediately by a car, or
someone would steal them. They are very intelligent cats, but they are
unworldly, if you see what I mean. You might not understand unless you have