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Default Litter Robot 3 "open-air"

Toobig (the bully) sticks her front end into the Litter Robot
when it is cycling. It moves, therefore it must be conquered.

I wrote:

Bought one. Not sure about prior models, but it is okay.
Doubt I would have liked the preceding models' small
openings. With the current model you can easily wipe off
the inside, so you can remove the shield, giving them a
little more room inside.

Mine slightly bobs up and down as it cycles. I guess the
gear or the motor shaft is out of alignment. But it works.

Using Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal. Without having used the
prior models, I suspect complaints about the waste bag
holder are correct. But it probably can be modified.

So far, it is fun, but will see how it does after many more
months of use. Longevity is the question.