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On 6/26/2017 6:03 PM, Christina Websell wrote:
"MaryL" -OUT-THE-LITTER wrote in message
On 6/24/2017 9:59 PM, Christina Websell wrote:
I didn't want a new cat after Boyfriend, but I got one. He's an exoric

That's wonderful! Concatulations to you and Wilbur. How old do you think
he is?

I know how old he is, he'lll be 7 in September. I don't want a kitten. I
might not be alive in 20 years. He's proving to be quite difficult. I
haven't had a full nights sleep since i got him.


In what way is he difficult, and why can't you sleep? Does he make a
lot of noise at night or run around your bedroom? Part of it may be
just a matter of each of your getting used to the other. I remember
that Boyfriend would not use a litter box indoors. Have you tried that
with Wilbur?