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Default Old cat can't keep any food down? wrote:

'John Doe[_2_ Wrote:

You need to feed it cat food, if possible. Cats losing
their appetite is a common problem (or not uncommon). In
some cases the cause might be tooth decay.

Loss of appetite is usually a bad sign. If it gets bad
enough, you can have it euthanized. Good luck.

On a related subject... I recently bought an inexpensive
blender "Ninja Master Prep (QB900B)" to help make
high-quality dry food into wet food. Results will still
vary, the cat I wanted it to work on is rejecting it. The
idea is to make sure they get water with their meals.

Hello, thank you for your reply! Thankfully, he has no loss
of appetite and makes it known when he's hungry (hangs
around by the fridge and meows). I may try the blended food
idea, that seems good for his lack of teeth. Hope it'll go
well , cheers again.

Yes, I misread (biased by my current recent problem). But in
that case, maybe the blender will help. I would expect to try
more than one high-quality dry food. Also problematic is they
tend to reject food at first, it must be gradually and
incrementally mixed with their current food over a week or

Make sure the blender is easy to clean and has a bowl instead
of a glass for mixing, like the one I mentioned above. Not
sure I will continue using it forever, but it is the right
choice for the job. Just leave off the upper blade and go

A much easier method is to use zipper sandwich bags. Just put
the high-quality dry food in the bag, add water, seal, and
let sit. The only problem is the juice comes out of the
kibble, so it is an uneven food. What the blender is for.