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ScratchMonkey wrote:
This is my little rescue from late April. She's now a little over 6
months old and has just been spayed.

We found her while cleaning the yard. My roommate reached for a clod
of dirt next to a fence post and found it had fur and claws and
teeth. Feral momma had abandoned the runt of the litter because momma
was too small to take care of her whole brood.

I initially named her "Strike" because the marking on her side looks
like lightning in a storm. Then I decided on Harlequin for her facial
markings, and because I like the Joker's sidekick, Harley Quinn, and
because she sounds like a Harley-Davidson when she purrs.

The pictures are from newest to oldest. The first few are of my
kitchen bay window with my basil planter. She likes to supervise when
I'm watering and harvesting. There's also some test shots for the
Infinite Cat, but I still need to take some shots to actually submit.
(I didn't like the glare in these.) A few show her with her favorite
toy, a super ball that she guns around the tile floor like a star
soccer player. There's also a "guest shot" you can click on to see my
other special girl.

What a beauty. Love the neat division on her face - half black and half
tortie - divided neatly down the middle of her nose! It always amases me
when that happens.

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