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Brian Tucker
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My siamese cats over the years have always had upper hand with dogs.
Years ago I had a siamese named April and she totally terrorized a
friend's young lab. When my friend would come over and bring the lab in
the house, April would go and get in about the 3rd shelf of bookshelf.
When the dog crossed the room, it would drop down on its belly and crawl
on floor til it got passed the bookshelf and then it would get back on
its feet again.

When I was in an apartment complex in AZ, I had my siamese outside for
a walk. They were on leashes, complex rules. A neighbor had one of those
dogs that are close to ground and lots of curly hair, look kinda like a
dust mop, if you know what I mean. Anyway apparently she was down at
back of building and had let him go. He came around corner of building
and saw Serena and Sonscere' and ran towards them growling and barking.
I let go of their leashes as I thought they would be better off if I
wasn't holding them. Well, Sonscere' did the discretion better part of
valor, routine and ran back around corner of building and just peeked
around corner to watch show. The dog slowed as it got to Serena and me
and put his nose up against hers. They touched noses for a second and
then he lunged at Serena. That's all she needed, she jumped on his back
and dug in. Dog freaked and got off sidewalk and was floundering in
dirt and big tufts of white curly hair began to fly threw the air, by
that time, the dog's owner got there and we separated the animals. I
held Serena for minute and then put her back on ground and she tried
lunging at dog again, intent on driving him away. It was all pretty
funny actually. Serena to this day will drive every dog she sees.

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