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Default KATRINA RESCUED Cats & Dogs Need Your Help NOW!

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Date: Sun, Sep 18, 2005, 4:23pm To:

Subject: [adl-nj] Adopt a Katrina animal survivor!

Adopt a Hurricane Katrina animal survivor!

Rescued dogs and cats need homes
A Hugs For Puppies member on the ground in Gulfport, Mississippi reports
that hundreds of dogs and cats there - many rescued from dumpsters,
trash piles, or flooded areas, some covered in spilled oil and barely
breathing, others suffering from assorted diseases=A0- are in desperate
need of homes and in danger of being killed due to the overwhelming
number of animals to tend to.

While groups like the Humane Society of the United States and local
shelters are killing healthy animals, many no-kill animal rescue groups
are working to find loving homes for the animal survivors of Katrina.
Hugs for Puppies is asking anyone with a kind heart and space for an
animal companion to consider opening their home to one of the brave
animal survivors of Katrina.

Every animal adopted into a loving home means space opens up for a
second animal=A0to be saved from death at the hands of "humane"
societies that are killing healthy animals.
If you or anyone you know can adopt a Hurricane Katrina animal survivor,
please contact
. If you have a preferred size,
color, or breed of dog or cat please specify, and we will try to match
your request as closely as possible.
Volunteers able to travel to Mississippi and monetary donations are also
badly needed. Hugs member Stephanie Wilson, on the ground in Gulfport,
"We urgently need vets, vet techs, and most of all, everyday volunteers
- if you are at all able, for any lenght of time, please come to
gulfport, please come to biloxi, please come to gonzolas and lend a hand
- walking dogs, nursing week-old kittens, helping out animals who have
nothing on their side and no one to stand for them.

monetary donations are also desperately needed in order to keep the
rescue operation afloat (no pun intended), as well as to get much needed
veterinary care for the 50 animals or so that are arriving every day."

please send all donations to:

hugs for puppies
attn: hurricane katrina relief
PO Box 23819
philadelphia, pa 19143

(--BeTTeR LiVinG Thru BetteR LiVING !!----)
PS: The ASPCA of NYC still KILL Dogs & Cats & are a Bunch of LYING
MONEY-GRUBBERS and their SHOW "Animal Precinct" is a con-job
extraordinaire. FEEL FREE To BOYCOTT The Sponsors on The Animal Planet
Cable Channel Until the 43 Wire-haired Terriers who have were released
to the public with active Cushings Disease are treated gratis as per NYS
& NYC Humane Law and LET ASPCA Know You Know About their Attempts at
Coverup: 212-876-7700!!!!

Especially if you have any spare Anipryl or Lysodren Or Nizoral for my
doggie to ease the symptoms, email me!