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Default Free da katnip krusade

Dat kage isn' moofin furry multsh. I fink we gneed MOR DOGGIES on da
job. I will call da Bear.


Gud idea, Wascal.
ai noe sum Noofiez dat wyl hulp iffen yew nead dem.
Is et kold wer yew r? ---

Mayhapz iffin allovus kittiez help Bear an Hether weze kin pull da kage
ofur an getz da katnip.

Booker, gettin dizzy frum cirklin da kage

Heer comes Bear, wiff his frenz da Booldog Boys.

Bear emerges from the teleporter with two heavily muscled young white
dogs that look like the less-extreme earlier version of the modern
English Bulldog and Wascal begins to harness them up, with Heather
keeping all the male dogs in line

Wen I say "mutsh" you pool. They hear mush, so they start to pull
Wait UP


ai hoap dat solvd da catnip problum Wascal.