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Default Sunday morning with the cats

I woke at daybreak today. It happens.... The cats were already up, doing
their zoomy rituals. It's so hilarious to watch.

Beatrice makes odd sounds - somewhere between growling and screaming - while
wrestling with Billy, which brings Eli running to make sure nobody is
hurting her.

Even Abelard, who loves to sleep in, is awake. He and Baby Eyes are most
interested in me at this hour. They follow me around, positioning themselves
so as to catch my eyes and give me the look that says "Hey, you lazy slave,
when are you going over to the store for some proper kibble for us?"
Yesterday they feasted on their favorite hoomin foods because I felt guilty
about giving them puppy chow but didn't have the time or energy to make it
to the store. But Baby Eyes does more than look; she asks direct questions.
"Mrrrrow? Meaaah-yea, mrph?" whilst staring *straight* into my eyes. None of
the others are quite so bold, but she is The Queen.

Lily decided it's a good day to shred and has torn a large sheet of
construction paper into approximately 45,000 pieces, which meowmie must now
sweep up.

Tommy, as always, is most interested in being in the bathroom. He always has
to follow me in, and then won't leave easily, so I left him in there this
time until he told me to let him out.

The funniest thing this morning was watching Beatrice ATTACK the little plot
of grass in the flowerpot on the floor, treating it like it was her favorite

I simply *must* get started on fencing this yard for the owners. I've been
hoping to learn that the neighbors with the three dogs are in fact buying
the house next door, which would probably mean they will be fencing their
yard, which would mean then I'd have fence on all three of the longest sides
of the yard.

My plan is to just put in posts with insulators and a wire near the top of
the existing fences. I already have the posts and insulators, and enough
welded wire to cover the space that the neighbors' fences don't, and two
gates. If the dog people do put up a fence, all I will need is a roll of
wire for the top.