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Default Buffy with Strangers

You just never know what Buffy might do. Today I was expecting a
service person. I have a contract for the HVAC unit, they clean it out
and change the filters. When the guy arrived, Buffy ran to the front
door, sat down and meowed at him. Hello! Then she flopped over, rolled
on her back, full fluffy belly display. I was surprised! I think the
guy was, too.

I was thinking really? She's never that friendly with strangers! Just
last week she *growled* at someone she saw out the window who was
walking towards the front door. She doesn't usually growl at anything
but other cats.

The friendship with the HVAC guy didn't last long. By the time he was
done in the attic she'd decided maybe she should hide behind the sofa.

Cats are weird. In a fun way.