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Default Who owns whom?

jmcquown wrote:

I have a different problem. No matter how often I change the
bedclothes, and I only have one cat, I always find I have to sweep off
cat litter from the bottom sheet at bedtime. Cat litter. It's covered
with another sheet and a blanket all day long. I've never seen her
sleeping on that bottom sheet. Yet there's always a bit of cat litter
there when I go to bed. Go figure.

Same here. And as far as I know, Licky doesn't sleep under the covers.
Whenever I find him sleeping on my bed, he is *on* the bed, not in it.
Yet, just as you say, there is always a bit of litter on the bottom sheet
that I have to sweep off before getting in bed. I try not to think too
hard about where that litter has been.

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