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Default Our seal Tabby Point Birman has a skin problem

thank you mary,I know in my heart that you are right & I will do as you
advise first thing in the morning.No,Ringworm didn't come to mind @ all
as I have never seen an infestation before...It sounds all rather
alarming & the very thought of all of the cats suffering the same
affliction is not a pleasant one at all is it?!I was hoping to avoid a
vets surgery that I don't know & they are not [email protected] either,but
having said that,I would far prefer to be safe than sorry-I couldn't
bare for them all to catch it...that would be utterly
devastating,wouldn't it?Is it an easily treatable problem,or is it
going to be a long-haul process,If you know of course?
I have never seen a web site like this before & thought that someone
out there might have at least a better idea of what it might be than I
did,so I am very grateful to you for such a prompt reply,THANK YOU VERY
MUCH INDEED Mary.At least I have some idea of what it might be now and
can take precautions against cross infection with the other cats too
now.Mind you,because of the problem,she has been fairly issolated from
the other cats thankfully,so I can only hope that I "might" have caught
it in time,but If I haven't then so be it-we will see it through to the
end as I couldn't bare the thought of any of the rest of them suffering
in the same way that she seems to be.
I have to be honest when I admit that I think that the breeder knew
full well that she had this problem because it started after only 2days
of her being here,& none of the rest of my cats are ill in any way @
all.I am disappointed that she couldn't be honest enough to tell me
that there was a problem because I would still have had her,but It
would have allowed me to get her treated by my own vet @ the right
time,not to mention the risk that she has left all of my other cats
open to.Disappointed is the right word,I am not angry,just sorely
disappointed,and also worride about the other 7Bengali cats that she
had for sale too.I believe they all went to one breeder who bought them
all the same day as I did,but I don't know who she was to ask if she
has the same problem as well.I can only hope that mine was the only
casualty!Would you be so good as to let me know how you think it is
possible that my little seal tabby girl picked this infection,as I
would do anything I can to try and do to stop cross infection between
the cats.I have already seperated them utterly including providing her
with her own cat litter too(just in case!).Is there anything else that
I can to do to protect my other cats whilst I await seeing the vet on
monday(I forgot,its sunday tomorrow so I might have a problem finding a
vet open to treat her!)
Thank hyou so much for your input,I grately appreciated it.....
Regards Sheelagh
MaryL wrote:
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I bought a seal tabby point Birman 3year old queen from a breeder
recently,on the active breeding list with the intention to breed from
her...But since bringing her home we have found that she has started
developing little patches of what looks like eczma,all over her body.I
tried to find out what it might be by ringing the breeder to ask if she
had ever had this problem with her before this incident,but all the
breeder could tell me was that she thought it might be an allergic
reaction to flea's,or central heating.I took the advice and immediately
went through every cat in our house with a fine tooth comb,but
discovered no flea's or flea refuse(flea excriment) on any of the
cats,so It can't be that;&I have started to allow her to spend the
majority of her time either outside,&/or, I have also given over the
new extension we had built for my partner to her,so that she has an
area where she can go away from the central heating,to try and resolve
the issue(I have turned the central heating off in there,& there is no
carpet to allow even potential for flea's egg's to hatch& infest any of
the cats)....but it has made no difference at all to her.If anything,it
is getting worse!!!(
We have 3Birmans,2Ragdolls & an 18year old pensioner moggie,none of
whom has suffered from anything remotely similar to this afliction.
When you look @ the crusts/scabs & feel it by probing,it feels like
little scabs that she simply cant leave alone because they are
obviously aggrivating her.I have been combing her regularly every day
in an attempt to try & stop them spreading & aleviate the itchyness for
her..& although it is not terrible presently,I am only too aware that
it casn/will inflame again & spread all over her body as it did
before.When I do this,she is more than happy to allow me to comb out
the little scabs as they form so that they don't irritate her into
sratching herself raw~although it is a stop-Gap,it doesn't answer the
problem,which is what is wrong with her & how can I best treat her for
it to stop it coming back?If anyone out there can relate to what I am
saying and advise me,I would be ever so grateful to you.I really feel
for her & my usual vet is also my neighbor &she is in Australia for
4weeks,so any advice would be more than gratefuly accepted.I would
rather stick to my own vet if possible,but will take her to any vet if
I have to, & cant find an answer,but this is just a last ditch attempt
to try & treat her for it, than take her to someone I don't know.(I am
agrophobic!).Many thanks to anyone that might be able to help me
too.This is the 1st time I have ever seen a service like this,so it
will be interesting to see if anyone does ever answer your questions.It
opens a whole new world for me If it does...hope to hear from some of
you soon.Thank you for any assisitance if you can help out on this

Well, my advice is the advice you said you really don't want -- that is, I
think you need to take her to a vet and do so without delay. It isn't worth
risking her health (and possibly the health of your other cats if it is
contagious) just to avoid changing vets for awhile.

That said, is it possibly that this is ringworm? A vet could use a Woods
light to diagnose quickly. And, of course, ringworm is *highly* contagious,
so you would want to take preventive measures both for yourself and for your
other cats.