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Default Our seal Tabby Point Birman has a skin problem

Hi Lynne,
Thank you so much for the advice Tiggie the Birman seal tabby
point.It was just the right sort of advice that I needed because I had
no idea what was wrong,only that all was not as it should be...but now
that I have something to go on,I will do all that I can to get her seen
by a vetinary surgeon asap,hopfuly tomorrow(sunday;o(,but if
not,definately on monday.I had no idea what It might be,& now that I
know how contageous ringworm is in both humans and also cats ,I will
alert my Gp to the possible threat as well because I have 4children
here as well as a disabled partner too.I hate to think how much I have
put them @ risk through ignorance,but as they say,it is a lesson well
learnt all be it by the hard way!I am horrified to be honest?!!
I have isolated her in the extension with her own food bowl,litter and
water too,&seperated her bed as well as her blanket in there.As It is a
fungal virus,I am still ignorant as to what to watch out for with
regard to the other cats and the children,so any info on that would be
more than appreciated also,if you know yourself of course?I assume that
washing her bedding will not be enough to rid it of any spores that
might be in them..&that I would be well advised to seperately wash her
bits than mixing a wash with her stuff and the kids bits?I am washing
hands full time now &also being as cautious as possible with regard to
passing it on- If you have any further advice,I will follow it to the
letter as I can assure you that in this instance....Ignorance is not
bliss @ all!!In fact I feel terrible about the fact that I wasn't more
aware,but I suppose you cant know everything,but it would be good to
find out more about it so that I can be more vigilant in the future.I
have learnt this lesson the hard way,but learnt well from it in the
I will be more than happy to keep you posted as I find out exactly what
the problem is and also the extent of the outbreak too,as soon as I
know myself.I assume that a woods light is an implement to see whether
she has it or not?
Please bare with me with regard to using this site-I might make
mistakes in answering correctly,or in the right format as I am brand
new to a Pc and also this program too so it is all a bit trial & error
presently...but I am doing my best to keep up with it.It feels like I
have just tapped into a brand new world that "feels right")
I would love to share a few photos with you of Tiggie,but still got to
learn how I might do that without crashing the Pc(I can just picture
the kids holding thier heads in hands nodding in disbelief,ha ha..)
Thanks once again & hope to speak to you soon,
Best Wishes,Sheelagh
Lynne wrote:
on Sat, 04 Nov 2006 22:04:18 GMT, "MaryL"

That said, is it possibly that this is ringworm? A vet could use a
Woods light to diagnose quickly. And, of course, ringworm is *highly*
contagious, so you would want to take preventive measures both for
yourself and for your other cats.

I was going to suggest that it might be ringworm as well.