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Default Simon & Boyfriend

Although I am sure Simon would agree because he is such a nice man, I have
been to his house to meet his wife and see his chickens. and it is far too
near a very busy main road to be safe for Boyfriend.
I've already arranged where Boyfie will go if the worst happens. Debbie
Wilson will take him. She is a member of this group, although she rarely
posts now, and is experienced in rescue and difficult shy cats. Although it
might be traumatic for him at first, it will be a far more suitable home as
he will be able to go out safely eventually and wander like he's been used
Anyway, I'm hoping it does not come to that.
I've already far exceeded the life span I was told I had (they said weeks in
2005) but it's been 7 years now and I intend to make it much longer ;-)

"Storrmmee" wrote in message
you might speak to simon about taking him if you exit befor boyfriend, its
nice to know he does care or at is not terrified of at least one other
"Christina Websell" wrote in message
Simon is the only visitor that Boyfriend will tolerate. He's my ex
welfare officer from work and now a friend.
When the doorbell rings, it always sends Boyfie upstairs like a racehorse
to his bedroom before I can open the door.
He never comes back downstairs as long as they are there, no matter how
long it goes past his teatime.
For some months, it's been clear that "Simon is different"

A couple of months ago, I actually thought that Boyfie was going rub his
cheek against Simon's leg, but he chickened out.
Yesterday he came back downstairs, Simon had one leg across the other
IYSWIM with his foot up. Boyfie came towards his foot, looked at it, I
thought he's going to do it this time, but it was still a step too far.
What Boyfie did was curl his tail around Simon's ankle for a few moments
and then disappear outside.
It made me feel quite emotional.
Years and years this boy has been afraid of visitors, even
June who has fed him for weeks has no concessions, he hides from her too
if I am home.