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Debbie Wilson
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Default Simon & Boyfriend

Christina Websell wrote:

I've already arranged where Boyfie will go if the worst happens. Debbie
Wilson will take him. She is a member of this group, although she rarely
posts now, and is experienced in rescue and difficult shy cats. Although it
might be traumatic for him at first, it will be a far more suitable home as
he will be able to go out safely eventually and wander like he's been used

I'm still here - mainly lurking. I'm not sure if you knew we had
moved.... to rural Cornwall on a very quiet lane and no neighbours, so
it's even more suitable for Boyfie now. Although of course, I hope that
those circumstances never arise.
Can you email me your current email address and I will update you with
my new address details? For your peace of mind.


"He looked a fierce and quarrelsome cat, but claw he never would;
He only bit the ones he loved, because they tasted good." S. Greenfield