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Default Simon & Boyfriend

it was me who brought it up out of concern for tweed's peace of mind, i am
very glad she has already found a suitable home should it hpappen, we all
should do this whilst we can, the DH's recen't illnesses have me thinking
alot more about these sorts of things, Lee
"Debbie Wilson" wrote in message
Christina Websell wrote:

I've already arranged where Boyfie will go if the worst happens. Debbie
Wilson will take him. She is a member of this group, although she rarely
posts now, and is experienced in rescue and difficult shy cats. Although
might be traumatic for him at first, it will be a far more suitable home
he will be able to go out safely eventually and wander like he's been

I'm still here - mainly lurking. I'm not sure if you knew we had
moved.... to rural Cornwall on a very quiet lane and no neighbours, so
it's even more suitable for Boyfie now. Although of course, I hope that
those circumstances never arise.
Can you email me your current email address and I will update you with
my new address details? For your peace of mind.


"He looked a fierce and quarrelsome cat, but claw he never would;
He only bit the ones he loved, because they tasted good." S. Greenfield