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Default (OT) Sleeping Better!

On Friday, July 29, 2011 at 10:02:10 AM UTC-4, Jill McQuown wrote:
I got a birthday present for myself!

The old-timers to this ng know I've suffered from insomnia for years.
Valerian Root capsules seem to help. Melatonin tablets work but give me
very vivid sometimes disturbing dreams.

Years ago I had a "sound machine". I won a gift certificate from some
drawing at work to Sharper Image. So I went there and got a sound machine.
It had about 6 sounds... the ocean, rain, outdoors (crickets and frogs),
yada yada yada. (There was also a heartbeat, but that was meant for babies
or puppies or something.) I had the machine back in 1998 or so.

Fast forward to my having to move here. The sound machine sat there,
unused, for a couple of years. There used to be frequent power outages when
I lived in TN. The power would go off for no reason at all on a bright,
sunny day. And while I remembered to unplug all my little appliances I
completely forgot about that one. So at some point the sound machine got

I ordered a new one for myself for my birthday. Oh this thing is so cool!
It has more sounds, and you can add to the complexity of the sound (or just
go with the basic sound). For example, if you select "rain" you can add
distant rumblings of thunder. I don't know about you, but I sleep very well
during a thunderstorm! If you select "ocean", you can add a foghorn off in
the distance. Last night I chose "meadow". It's the sound of peepers
(small frogs) and crickets. But if you up the anty, you also get the sound
of wind blowing through tall grasses and the occasional call of a loon or a

I have slept better in the last two nights than I have in the last 30 years.
I love this sound machine!


I have a Pink noise generator, if you feed it well and are good to it, it will put you right to sleep. Not so much lately, but in the past, Smokey was my pillow of sorts. She enjoyed having my head slightly resting on her and her purring would zonk me right out if I was relaxed. She does not purr as much now and prefers to sleep with her head and feet on my arm now. Sometimes she buries her head in my hand, which doesn't do much for me, but she enjoys it.

Just don't go to the bathroom in the middle of the night or you will lose your spot. Yes I have to sleep on the cat's side of the bed. LOL.