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da Gramby iz twing tew hulp da lost d*g at Kissamouse tyme n wee kommend hur
fur bein kynd tew uh d*g. ai hoap he fyndz hiz one troo hoam sune. Luv,

Diz dog is losted but liffed at da gramby's sons house for a week. Now
dey let itself out againz anna itself kamed here ta git warm. It wanted
bak out so her letted it out wiff sum fudz in da dish anna a box wiff a
blankie to lay itself down iffin it wanted ta do diz. Whut waz her

"Harri Roadcat

On Mon, 20 Dec 2010 11:42:09 -0600, Granby wrote:

U duzent effen kno da meanink of da wordz "are beyond help" till u
hazta liff wiff da Gramby. O T glareing at Gramby because she let a D*G
in the house this morning.

It could still be worser. Mine hoomins lets a d*g in da howse every day!
Dey puts Starr da Dog out in da back yard, den dey LET HER BACK IN AGAIN!
All dey has to do is keep da door closed an her would go away. But no,
they has to let her back in again.

Harri the annoyed