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Default Birfday Bash? Sweet 16

Sundance and/or Rebecca wrote:

[Sundance and Pitoonya watch the furrade]

Dis iz a ekzilint furrade, duznt yoo fingk so, Sweetee?


Iowna clapps her paws in glee as it is all described to her and she
listens to the Music! Meantime Cash and Daisy-chan decide to join in
and Cash jumps in the pool to swim under while Daisy-chan takes the

Daisy-chan takes one furrious look at the wet doggie at the other end
and muffling laghter (one look from her, was all it took), 2foots
descend on him with fluffy towels. Mostly dry no, they run along the
board walk to watch the purrade come by again.