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Default A tribute to OT Mahoney

On 19 Oct 2013 01:48:36 GMT, Harri Roadcat wrote:

I was very blessed to have known and loved a truly remarkable and special
mancat, OT (Orange Thing) Mahoney.

Before I met OT I lived life with reckless abandon. Things that were
exciting and dangerous were what attracted me. But then I met OT.
Dangerous and thrilling things were still interesting, but OT was willing
to experience dem wif me. My caticopter flying tended to scare him, so I
tried to be a liddle more restrained in my maneuvers, but no matter how
nervous him getted him never, ever complained.

OT was allez there for me. Him was allez dere when I needed his support,
an when dere were good fings to celebrate. OT was mine companion, and him
cared deeply fur da whole community, and him tried to be a good companion
to da Gramby. Him was handsome, an brave, and him danzed good.

When him getted sick all of a sudden it camed as a shock to all of usses.
Him left fur da Bridge before him even had a chance to say goodbye. I will
rememfur him allez, and will luf him allez.

Goodbye, OT. You are loved.

[With that Harri steps down from the podium and wipes a tear from her eye.]

A beautiful tribute. I hoap I am remembered like this.