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dgk dgk wrote:

John Doe jdoe usenetlove.invalid wrote:

Taking care of a neutered female outside. This morning it ate a
full meal and then left. One hour later, it was back on the
porch and I saw it swat at the opening to its Omega Paws litter
box. Confused, I stepped out and noticed some feathers lying
around. In the box, the bird was still alive and very alert (an
understatement). So I reached in and carried it out in my hand.
Raised it to take a look and ZOOM it flew across the way and up
into a tree. It lost a few feathers and a tiny amount of blood,
but it flew very well.

I suppose the bird was being kept fresh until the cat got
hungry. Maybe it could use a small refrigerator and microwave...

I once wrestled a bird away from one of my cats and it looked in
pretty bad shape, feathers pointing in all directions and some
blood. Then it just flew out of my hand straight into a nearby
tree. They can look pretty bad and still be mostly ok.

But your outdoor cats have a litterbox?

For a few reasons, some significant and some trivial. So far it
has only gone number two in the box, and that's what we need.

A note for the newbies... It is neutered, don't take care of an
outside cat otherwise.

I sometimes let my indoor cats out into my fenced-in backyard,
but they come back in to use the litterbox! My outside cats
don't have a litterbox though.