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I believe the FBI has set up an inventory of minors prosecuted for animal
cruelty offences.
Statistics show that nearly all serial killers have a history of torturing
animals and moving on through arson, to serial murder.
I'd be a bit worried if I were her father.
It's difficult to understand why the nutter wasn't prosecuted under criminal
law (or was he ?).

"James Marz" wrote in message
What would you do if your daughters boyfriend did this to your cats?

This was taken from an article by Amber Hunt Martin.

start article

It wasn't just that Edward Baker allegedly bashed the cat in the face.
Or that he chased it around the blood-spattered laundry room. Or that
he extinguished cigarettes on another cat's paws.

It was, authorities said, that he acted methodically, intentionally.

Baker, 20, is charged with animal torture, a felony punishable by up
to 4 years in prison upon conviction. Police said Baker was living
with his 17-year-old girlfriend and her family when he began
tormenting and beating two orange tabbies named Crystal and Haley,
ages 8 and 3.

Crystal had been bashed in the face with a bottle of laundry detergent
so hard, her teeth pierced the bottle. The impact broke her lower jaw
and cracked her sternum and upper jaw.

Her daughter, Haley, had singed fur and charred, black paw pads,
apparently from being burned by a lighter or cigarettes.

Both cats are healing at home, said their owner, Kim Steis.

"They're still a little afraid when someone walks down the hallway,"
she said Tuesday. "I don't think they'll ever be the same."

Steis, whose daughter Tia is still dating Baker, said the man moved
into her Clinton Township ranch in December. Baker seemed friendly,
she said, but the cats clearly didn't like him.

Steis discovered that Haley's left front leg was broken in January.
Steis didn't know how it happened, but she noticed that the usually
people-friendly pet raced from a room when Baker entered.

Then, on Feb. 21, she heard Crystal wailing in the laundry room.

She said she found the cat on her back near the furnace, hissing at
Baker, who hovered nearby.

Crystal's mouth was bloody and swollen; both eyes were bruised.

Steis has paid $1,767 in veterinarian bills.

Baker's girlfriend is standing by him and has offered to testify on
his behalf.

end article

Well, What would you like to do or say to this man?

James Marz

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