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"Elliot J" wrote in message
I am thinking of getting a second Cat. At the moment I have a one year
old Female British Shorthair who is quite independent. She is
displaying signs of what I believe is loneliness, however, she does not
display any friendliness to other cats that live locally. I am
interested to know how female cats respond to kittens that are
introduced to them in this fashion.

Thank you for reading.

Takes time & patience. If you're gonna bring a new kitten into the
house.... Here's a few pointers:
- Set the new furball up in one room, where you can close the door. food,
bed, litterbox, water, toys, et al....
- Introduce them to eachother in short, supervised sessions in afore
mentioned room.
- Pull the occasional 'swich', put your current cat in the room & allow the
new one to explore the rest of the house.
- During the supervised visits, play with them both. Best to get a
comletely 'new' cat toy to do this with so it does'nt yet smell like either
of them.
- A tactic that worked for me.... Bathe them both, one after the other &
then cuddle up with both of them, on the couch, under a blanket, while they
dry. This was the breaking point for my kittys. By the time they were
drying out nicely, they were grooming eachother & ended up napping together
curled up in one damp little ball.
- Getting two cats to accept eachother can take weeks (or someimes months,
depending on personality). They will probably fight & wrestle... Let this
happen, as long as no one draws blood & no fur flys. It's part of their
normal 'play' routine & it establishes pecking order.

Good luck! Having two cats is GREAT! Once you get through the adjustment
period, they become a team. They play with eachother, groom eachother & keep
eachother company when you're not around.

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