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Default Time for catacopter tours

Community Kitties wrote in

"Jolly good, Roadcat 1! Please do so. You and your group are always
welcome here."

"Roger, Rothera. 'Porter has been dropped, an dey's starting to go
through. Next time meebe keep dem science types on a shorter
leash! Roadcat 1 clear."

"OK, kitties, let's get back to our tour. Hows about we go party
for a bit wif da kitties at da Amundson Scott South Pole station,
den when we'z done go visit with da Russian kitties at Vostok

[Ranger whispers into Francesca's ear after listening to his
catellite phone]

Ok, kitties, minor change of plans. The Amud=ndson Scott kitties
called Ranger and expressed an interest in goint to Vostok Station
with us. We'll head for the South Pole Station and pick up their
kitties, then we'll land at Vostok Station.

[A few minutes later the catacopter touches down on the helipad at
Amundson-Scott South Pole Station. As soon as the skids touch down a
dozen kitties wearing heavy parkas dash from the nearby equipment
hangar to the catacopter. They climb inside and make themeselves
comfortable. A very large Maine Coon Cat starts meowing on the

"Hihi, efurry kitty! Hey dere, Zoot and Zack, long time not see! I'z
Homer, and I'z da cat ambassador of da Amundson Scott Station. We
bringed along a couple cases of nip vodka fur our comrades at Vostok.
Anyone care for a nip before we get dere?"

Meantime Daisy-chan gets a message and she and Iowna start typing away.
They are HTML'ing the additons to the walk for Jan....