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Default Time for catacopter tours

Community Kitties wrote in

On 2017-10-21 16:01:31 +0000, Community Kitties said:

"Jolly good, Roadcat 1! Please do so. You and your group are
always welcome here."

"Roger, Rothera. 'Porter has been dropped, an dey's starting to
go through. Next time meebe keep dem science types on a shorter
leash! Roadcat 1 clear."

"OK, kitties, let's get back to our tour. Hows about we go party
for a bit wif da kitties at da Amundson Scott South Pole
station, den when we'z done go visit with da Russian kitties at
Vostok Station?"

[Ranger whispers into Francesca's ear after listening to his
catellite phone]

Ok, kitties, minor change of plans. The Amud=ndson Scott kitties
called Ranger and expressed an interest in goint to Vostok Station
with us. We'll head for the South Pole Station and pick up their
kitties, then we'll land at Vostok Station.

[A few minutes later the catacopter touches down on the helipad at
Amundson-Scott South Pole Station. As soon as the skids touch down
a dozen kitties wearing heavy parkas dash from the nearby
equipment hangar to the catacopter. They climb inside and make
themeselves comfortable. A very large Maine Coon Cat starts
meowing on the intercom.]

"Hihi, efurry kitty! Hey dere, Zoot and Zack, long time not see!
I'z Homer, and I'z da cat ambassador of da Amundson Scott Station.
We bringed along a couple cases of nip vodka fur our comrades at
Vostok. Anyone care for a nip before we get dere?"

Francesca aims the catacopter towards Vostok Station. Since it's so
far away, she engages the teleporter and the copter emefges from a
shimmering wall of light just a mile or so from Vostok Station. The
radio operator at Vostok welcomes the copter and clears them to land.

Francesca sets the chopper down next to a maintenance shed. As soon
as the sound of the engines indicates that the rotors are slowing, a
kitty-sized door opens in the side of the shed and an inflatable
tunnel slinks out of the shed and inflates, leaving a tunnel licely
protected from weather leading from the copter to the shed. Ranger
and Pipps take the lead, showing everyone the way. As soon as the
enter the maintenance shed, a beautiful Russian Grey kitty welcomes
Ranger and Pipps.

"Ranger, Pipps, Dobro po┼żalovat'"

"Dobryj den'!, Sergei! I'm glad to be back. These are guests from the
Antarctic kitty community, and from the online Community. We figured
a visit to your lovely home would be in order. And of course Homer is
along, with a good supply of nip vodka. I was wondering if ot might
be possible for those interested to visit Lake Vostok?"

Sergei: Da, Ranger, of course. [He turns to address the group]
Welcome everybody! This is Vostok Station. I am Sergei, and I am in
charge of keeping peace between us intelligent creatures and da
hoomins. I unndersand you wold like to see Lake Vostok. I'z sure you
know that it is ultra-pure, probably the purest, cleanest water on
the planet. I am pleased to announce that we haf a very nice
submarine, with two trained captains, Polina and Marina. And both of
them are on duty today.

Which of you would like to take da submarine tour, and which of you
would like to enjoy da banquet first?"

Polly being bird brained, scoots to the banquet and loads a plate with
dried coconut, some grapes, and a few nuts and comes back to say
"Dankeshan Sergi!'. Wrapping her goodies in a napkin, she joins the
line for the submarine. She afterall has to eat her weight pretty much
per day.

Meantime Clem and Cleo sort of hang back. They are not sure about
going *gulp* under water! Pit2nya sees this and comes over to soothe

Meantime, Cash reaches into his backpack and pulls out waterproof
booties. He really HATES getting wet toes. He figures the sub will be
dry but he's hedging his bets. He offers Starr a selection in several
colors she might like.

All halts though as Iowna bashfully raises a paw and asks 'Is there a
little ladies room? I'z been runnin frum place to place fur a lot of
time anna need to (um) powder mai nose'... Reminded of this, a fairly
large line falls behind Iowna....