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Default Welcome!

Hi David!

Thanks for the wonderful advice!!!

Now **** off!


David Stevenson wrote:

For many many years I have sent one of these to anyone I have heard of
who has joined any Cat newsgroup. I shall no longer be doing so. Please
accept this as yours if you have never had one.

================================================== ====================

Welcome to the Cat newsgroups. I am so glad you are joining us and I
look forward to hearing more about your cat[s]. Please feel free to
send an email to me anytime about anything at , or at
if it is not to do with cats.

Every so often I publish a list in four parts [A-D, E-J, K-N and O-Z]
on the newsgroups called Humans, places, cats + other pets. Entries
look like this [this is my own entry]:

Quango, Nanki Poo, Tao MIA,
David S Liverpool England Ting RB, Suk RB, Tush RB,
UK Pish RB; Dog: Scamp RB

If you would like me to include you please send an email to

1] Your first name and trailing initial.
2] The town in which you live.
3] The country or state in which you live.
4] The names of any pets [usually cats, but they don't have to be].
5] Many people like to remember cats that have passed on: you may
include such cats if you wish: put RB after their name.
6] You may include cats that disappeared: put MIA after their name.
7] You may include cats that are currently living with someone else:
put EL after their name.

Please note that the list does *not* include email addresses or any
other address so there is no chance of receiving "spam" mail because of
this list.

The list contains people who post to the ten newsgroups
alt.animals.felines, alt.animals.felines.diseases, alt.cats,
alt.pets.cats, rec.pets.cats.anecdotes, rec.pets.cats.announce,,, rec.pets.cats.misc,
rec.pets.cats.rescue. This list is posted on all the newsgroups and my

If you wonder why we put RB after the name of cats that have passed
on it refers to Rainbow Bridge: the story of Rainbow Bridge also appears
on my Catpage. MIA stands for Missing in Action. EL stands for
Extended Leave. There is a set of Catcodes to let everyone know about
your cats [as in my sig below] which is also on my Catpage. I also have
many other things on my Catpage that are likely to be of interest to
people who read any Cat newsgroup. I also have many many articles and
stories about cats on my Storypage.

A few little rules for posting [not followed by everyone, I'm afraid].
Please write articles in text format - not HTML which is for the web!
Please try to avoid long sigs [signature files], four lines is fine. It
helps to have a sig separator [dash-dash-space on its own on a line]
before a sig.

Please snip if answering long articles, especially if you are just
going to add a few lines at the end. You should leave just enough that
people know to what you are replying - but not more. Please reply after
the text to which you are replying, not at the top. Please always say
from where you are posting, or where you live [just the area will do].
Special note for Americans: newsgroups are international: please do not
assume all your readers are other Americans.

Articles are much easier to read if lines are no longer than 72
characters, and split into paragraphs. Please don't post the same
article separately to different newsgroups [multi-posting]: if it really
needs to be seen on different groups then please learn how to cross-
post. Please don't post binaries [eg pictures of cats]: post them to or to a website and post a little article
on a newsgroup telling us where to look. There is an article on my
Generalpage on the subject of posting to the Net called FAQ for Newbies
to Usenet. [FAQ is a list of frequently asked questions and their
answers]. In fact there is a whole section on "Netiquette" on my
Generalpage, including an article on multi-posting and cross-posting.

If your cat likes talking to others, please feel free to indulge in
Meowchat: this is in Again, there is a FAQ on
the subject on my Catpage. rec.pets.cats.anecdotes [RPCA] also has its
own FAQ, much of which applies to all newsgroups, URL as below.

If you want an email copy of any or all of the five items on my web
site that are mentioned above [Rainbow Bridge, Catcodes, Newbie FAQ,
Meowchat FAQ and multi- v cross-posting] then tell me at
and I shall email them. Furthermore, I shall send
you a list of several other emails that I send out on request.

In some of the newsgroups there is an annoying individual called Bob
Brenchley. He likes to upset people. Unfortunately, many people argue
with him, which encourages him. I advise you never to read any of his
posts, and never to reply to him. Please put him in your killfile.

I hope that you will be happy in the Cat newsgroups. If you need
help for your cat then it is always here. Please note that I am not
official in any way: I just like to welcome newcomers! It is quite
difficult to realise who are new: if I am wrong and you are not new here
please accept my apologies!

Web addresses [URLs]: