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Francesca the Fierce wrote in

Mrs. Bunny: "Thank you so much for the help. My babies and I will be
warm this winter and all the food will help so much."

We will be here for a few more days and will check on you before we
leave. I know there is more food and we'll bring some to you.

Miz Bunbun, I'z leaving word wif Mr Moutain Lion an Mister Bobcat on
how to get in touch wif usses. I'z figgered out how to operate mine
late sisfur's catacopter, so I'z allez ready an willing to make
deliveries and transport liddle critters anywhere dey need to go.

An I'z purrty sure we'z leaving a teleporter behind too. I'll show
you how to access da controls dat are down at bunbun level.


Miz Bunbun hugs Francesca and a couple of other critters who are also
bunny level come along to see how to work the teleporter. Most have
left by now.

Meantime, Mr. Sire and his little filly have trotted down with some
mountain goats, 7 wild mustangs, and 3 sheep to a lower flat plain that
was burned out. It's mostly flat but surrounded on 2 sides With a
cliff at the end.

With them are 3 forrest pigs (a boar and 2 sows), several beavers, wild
cats and domestic dogs, and a few raccoons. He and his daughter are
pulling small old style ploughs (her's much smaller) and the mustangs
have stump pullers (nothing but natural rope tied well so they can pull
on a notched stump).

Everyone also has bags of seeds (sized for the critter carrying them).

A turtle in a net bag with a Tablet computer strapped to his back is
dropped off by a very elderly wolf while 15 field mice jump off after
thanking him for the ride. The field mice wait for directions. The
elderly wolf boots up the tablet and loads his scheduling programs.

They had decided this once forrest bit will become a safe grazing spot
and they planted many trees already elsewhere. They need a spot for
the grazers.

As Mr Wolf directs, various beavers start knawing roots out then making
notches on the stumps so a rope root/stump puller on the mustangs can
clear the field.

As they clear a stump, Mr Wolf deploys cats and dogs to dig and fill
the hole while Mountian goats are deployed to pull the loose stump and
drop it over the side of the cliff.

2 raccoons help Mr. Sire with attaching a small scoop to his gear and
he drags it aroung removing burnt sticks and such from clear areas into
piles that others collect and toss over the cliff to a burned out
section they will deal with later.

The 3 forrest pigs find all the truffles (some burned beyond use but
you never know) and bag them to be replanted among the tree areas
above. Being a fungus, some may survive. The field mice carry them off
carefully above and bury them on the wet side of the trees in the
remaining forrest as directed.

Having cleared the field, they have Mr Sire and his filly give it 2
rounds (with 2 raccoons and a beaver to weigh the ploughs down). Then
everyone helps find any areas that are not smooth and could harm a leg.

Mr Wolf then sends out the mice to the edge, to plant small seed trees
every 15 feet apart on the edge so no younglings will get confused in
snow and run over the cliff. They have their first problem. The mice
do not understand '15 feet'.

The others chuckle and the horses deploy so their noses are about 15
feet apart. The end spot needs 3 more so Mr Wolf deploys 2 sheep
(spaced so the noses are 15 feet and a goat for the final tree).

All is ready and they turn to the Turtle who is their eldest member.

'All is well done my friends. Today we helped one another and we are
greatful for those who gave us the means. It is now up to us to plant
our future'.

Nods happen and everyone starts putting various wheat/grass seeds
evenly down. They aren't doing human furrows, but instead dropping and
scuffing with all 4 feet, but it works.

Mr Turtle speaks again. 'The nature is for these seeds to lay under
the straw of their parents in the winter, so that is our final step'.

Bales of hay have arrived and all critters grab what they can and start
spreading it over the seed. Covered now, they head back up the hill,
helping one another as needed.

Mr. Sire looks back as he heads up. A gentle rain starts to fall. He