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"Gail Futoran" wrote in message
Did the google search, found zip, so:
My 7 month old, spayed (month ago), FeLV+ otherwise
in apparent good health (all vaccinations up to date
except FeLV) female Burmese has a strong tendency
to cough during heavy petting sessions. (That
sounds weird but you know what I mean...)

She doesn't always do it, only about 90% of the time,
usually when I'm scratching her head (favorite spot).
It's frustrating for her (and me), and when I stop petting
her she'll cough a bit more then stop until she purrs
heavily again.

The cough sounds chest-deep, like a hacking cough.
She might have a touch of URI (weepy eyes) for which
she's been treated in recent past but not presently. The
coughing-while-purring event has been going on for
at least a month, maybe more - I can't recall when I
first noticed it, just that it's not recent.

Appetite fine, activity level very high (leaps tall walls
at a single bound...), no other symptoms. She is a
small cat, weighing a bit more than 5 lbs, but her
mom was petite, too.

Any thoughts?

My asthmatic cat sometimes has coughing fits (the deep sort of
heaving you are talking about) some times when she exerts
herself. Lots of purring or a surprise hiss will do it. Have a chest
xray done. They can see congestion.