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Gail Futoran
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"Karen Chuplis" wrote in message
Seems to me that it is important to get an FeLV cat in pronto any time
something unusual crops up. Mostly, their illness is treated
and she should probably been on something.

Except the "coughing" isn't unusual in the sense
of something that just came up - it's been going on
for at least a month, and otherwise she's as healthy
and active as I've ever seen a kitten. Seriously, she
*can* leap tall walls in a single bound with nary a

She's been into the vet for weepy eyes (treated
for URI), runny stool (treated for diarrhea); to
the animal eye doctor ($75 initial visit) to check
out a minor problem on one eye she's had since
she was 3 months old! I don't actually avoid the
vet(s), ok? She got a thorough checkup before
she was spayed a month ago and nothing was
off kilter - and she was coughing then.

Just to make life interesting, she did ZERO
coughing during heavy petting sessions today.