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Default It's coronavirus

John Ross Mc Master wrote:
On Sat, 10 Oct 2009 18:13:49 -0600, MLB wrote:

John Ross Mc Master wrote:
It hit them all at once. It could become FIP which is fatal. I must
have tracked it in somehow.

I "googled" that and there is quite a lot of information. I do have eye
problem which makes it hard for me to read all of it. However there was
a statement that said cats can live normal lives with the virus. I did
have a neighbor who lost a cat to FIP and I certainly pray that it does
not develop in your kitties. \
What kind of treatment did you Vet suggest?
Purrs for your furkids and best wishes to you and your bank account. MLB

There is the virus but no prrof this is FIP. The vet said to continue
doing what I was doing. Fluids, proteins, calories, vitamins.

Do they take the food and meds willingly? Purrs that theywill do so MLB