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Default It's coronavirus

On Sun, 11 Oct 2009 13:00:14 -0700, John Ross Mc Master

I have to syringe feed them except just now, Percy ate some canned
food all on his own. I picked up some appetite stimulant pills at the
vets today.

When my kitty stopped eating, somebody suggested I try feeding her baby
food. I picked up some Gerber 2.5oz jars of chicken baby food. I also
bought some small plastic spoons they sell in the baby food department at
Walmart. To my surprise kitty ate the stuff right up, I was in tears as
she licked and ate spoon after spoon of the stuff.

Your vet may also suggest Hills Prescription Diet a/d. It has a strong
smell which is good for cats, when they stop eating it's usually because
they've lost their sense of smell or need something stronger smelling to
encourage them to eat. Try getting a can and see how they like it.

As for the coronavirus, try not to focus on that. I had a vet specialist
tell me that it's a very common thing for cats to have, it's seldom tested
for also. Most cats have the virus, their owners never knowing about it,
and the cats will live a completely normal life. I suspect your cats all
have a cold, it will last three weeks and then everything will slowly
return to normal. Your cats have a great person to take care of them, they
know they are loved very much.