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Default Buffy's Hiding Again

On 5/27/2021 3:29 PM, Judith Latham wrote:
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On 5/25/2021 4:25 PM, Judith Latham wrote:
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Buffy started hiding again. Saturday she ate but not nearly as much
as she had been. I literally picked her up and set her in front of
the food. Nope. Yesterday she didn't eat. She did use the litter
box (there was poop and pee to scoop both morning and before I went
to bed) but she's mostly stayed out of sight since Sunday morning.

When I left for work this morning she was on a chair under the dining
room table. I gave her scritches, told her to eat! I had hoped
she'd come out and eat while I was at work today. I found her in the
back corner of the closet when I got home. She ate a little bit of
the gooshy food while I was at work but not much. All she wants to
do is sleep.

My poor Buffy girl could use some more purrs. Meanwhile, I need to
make another vet appointment. The predisone appeared to be making
her feel better but now... sigh


Hi Jill

How is Buffy today? I do hope she's feeling a bit brighter. Would she
take food if you offered it from your fingers? Is she allowed anything
lie cream cheese. Sweep (RB) and Sophie (RB) both loved to lick Brie
cheese from my fingers. It's messy but just a thought that something
different and creamy might tempt her taste buds.

Mega purrs and prayers from here and I'll post to our FB friends too.



Sorry for the late reply. I got home from work yesterday only to find
my internet connection was out and it didn't come back until just before
bedtime last night.

Unfortunately, Buffy isn't doing much better. I dropped her off at the
veterinary clinic before work today (her appointment was for 1:40pm, I
work 10-4). This time she saw the vet who did the teeth extractions.
Even without the biopsy, her blood work shows a higher elevation of
calcium than the last blood panel. He is certain the mass in her upper
jaw is a malignant tumor. He gave her a super duper steroid shot and
told me to discontinue the steroid drops I've been adding to her food.
He also gave her a 72-hour pain shot and sent me home with a week's
worth of pain meds to be given by mouth, every 12 hours starting on
Monday evening.

The oral pain medication comes in pre-measured doses in individual
syringes. When I expressed concerns about giving it to her he said,
"You don't have to pry her mouth open, just get it near her mouth and
squirt it. She'll get it."

My boss (yes, he's a keeper!) shooed me out of the office as soon as
they called to say Buffy was ready for me to pick her up.

When we got home Buffy immediately went to her water bowl to take a nice
long drink of water. Meanwhile, I dished up some fresh gooshy food and
when she finished drinking her fill she ate a few bites.

She's curled up on a pillow on the sofa behind me now. She's not hiding
and she did sleep curled up next to me last night. She sure wasn't
thrilled when I popped her into the carrier after I got dressed for work
this morning.

Unfortunately, I think time is slipping away. This time next month...


at least she's more comfortable now. Purrs and prayers. Hopefully you'll
have more quality time together.



Thank you. Last night she slept curled next to me and when I woke up
she did upside-downy-head and purred and made me smile.

I do hope we will have more time together without her being in any sort
of pain. She is sitting on my lap right now, purring and feeling better
thanks to the pain meds. I'm giving her hugs and scritches every chance
I get. Unfortunately, she also thinks I'm going to pop her back into
the carrier and take her to the scary place where they poke and prod and
stick her with needles. When I go anywhere near where it's stored she runs.

Unfortunately, she's still not eating much. I have a liquid appetite
stimulant to add to her food but it doesn't do a heck of a lot of good
if she won't eat. What she doesn't understand is if she eats she'll
feel better and I *won't* pop her into that carrier and take her to the
scary place any time soon. sigh