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Default Buffy's Hiding Again

On 6/1/2021 8:06 PM, cshenk wrote:
jmcquown wrote:

On 5/28/2021 6:35 PM, cshenk wrote:
jmcquown wrote:

at least she's more comfortable now. Purrs and prayers.
Hopefully you'll have more quality time together.



Thank you. Last night she slept curled next to me and when I
woke up she did upside-downy-head and purred and made me smile.


Sorry to hear this Jill.

Meantime, I embark on a new mix with 2 dogs added here. They are
13YO's. 1 was a late spay with cancer already and not long for this
world. We give her a final real home instead of a cage. Her
brother is low vision due to cataracts.

Thank you for taking them in, Carol. You are a kind person.


Unfortunatly it didn't work. The male was barking and rushing Luko (up
to baby gate). We tried but they took them back.

I'm sorry to hear this. Perhaps only one at a time if there's a next
time. You never know how animals might (or might not) get along.