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Oh my god...

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Here are some cute kitten pictures that a friend sent me. My favorite
is the very stripey one hanging from a strip of cloth by its front
claws - now that's one determined kitty!

I'd vote for kittens any day!! (You'll understand that comment once
you see the site - it's a bit bizarre, and definitely stretches a
single joke on and on and on, but I still got a few chuckles.)


That is too funny!
Kittens and puppies are the same. They're both corrupt. The system is

Vote ferret.


Posted by: Athenae at September 13, 2004 08:15 AM "

That may be my fave line of the bunch....

TBird ----- fence sitting....or is that exactly what the kittens WANT me


Of course, this was pretty funny too:

My family and I were on a West Coast flight last week, and there were
fourteen kittens on board, seated in two groups. They kept going back to the
litter box singly and in groups for the whole flight. One of them brought a
Purina bag on board, and was passing it around, and when I made eye contact
with another it glared at me and hissed. I'm sure it was a dry run.

Posted by: Doghouse Riley at September 13, 2004 06:36 PM