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Default Nipsy gets a very bad report

He's been scratching his right ear a lot. It's happened before and
he's had some infection so I figured that this seemed to be a repeat
performance. But the vet said that his heart murrmur has gotten worse,
and there is a large growth in his ear that is causing the infection.

He's 16, so maybe the end is near. Naturally I went for some of the
tests (over $600) to find out what's up with these conditions, and
I'll know more in a day or two.

Heart murmurs can be cardiomyopathy or hyperthyroidism, and if either
show up, then maybe it's treatable. But that growth in the ear is bad.
Well, I suspect he's just received a death sentence because I vowed
never to subject another of my cats to chemo. Nor, at age 16, will I
go for surgery. I probably won't even go for an electrocardiogram. I
don't think I should have spent the money I just spent.

Well, that's the news. Nipsy was never exactly the happiest cat in the
world. He whines all the time, and just never seems to enjoy himself.
Well, at the moment he's getting all the Temptations that he wants,
and we'll just have to wait for the results.