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Default Freshening the water bowl

On 1/24/2018 5:27 PM, Takayuki wrote:
Sometimes, Dot and Buster will sit hopefully next to the water bowl,
apparently waiting for it to be refreshed or refilled. I'm sure you've seen
your kitties do this too - it's important to keep hydrated, after all!

When Dot and Buster ask for water bowl service, I'll typically ask them a
bit about the water situation, clean and fill up their water bowl, and then
they'll happily lap up their new water while they get some attention and

But this time, things were a bit different. I found them sitting
expectantly next to their mostly full water bowl, so I dumped their water,
and filled it up with fresh water. But the just sniffed the bowl I put
down, and continued to look expectantly up at me.

So thinking that maybe there was something in the water I couldn't detect,
I dumped their water, and filled up their bowl from a jug of distilled
water. They sniffed at the water again, and looked up at me.

Next, I tried filling the water from the hot tap, thinking that maybe that
might have boiled off some chlorine or other volatiles they didn't like.
They still just continued looking at me hopefully.

It took me a while to realize that they wanted attention and pets, and that
they'd found that they could get it by sitting next to the water bowl!

All the while they were wondering... is this guy slow or what? I'm
sure they were amused by all the things you kept doing to their water bowl!