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Default Happy New Year RPCA!

On Mon, 1 Jan 2018 10:58:34 -0500, jmcquown

I want to thank everyone for the holiday cards and hope you made it
through the season unscathed. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

Jill & Buffy

Checking in a bit late but we all came through the new year in fine
shape. Well, Nipsy may be dying of cancer but so far he seems to be

What's odd is that for the last few days Nipsy and Scooter have had
some major screaming fights, and I'm concerned about that. Nipsy did
have something that showed up a few months back in an xray of his
lungs, but we don't know what that was and I'm not having a follow up
done because he was treated for an infection and maybe that was in the

If it's cancer, then there's nothing to be done anyway since he's 16
and I'm not going to subject him to chemo or any other drastic

I'm wondering if maybe Scooter is picking up some smell from Nipsy
that's causing the fights. We cat slaves don't have much to go on with
their health so we sort of have to see whatever clues we get. I'm
hopeful that maybe the cool weather has them a bit on edge.

It was 42F this morning in southern Florida, which is certainly cold
for us but nothing like the rest of the south got this week. We had a
league tennis match at 11 this morning and by then it was in the upper
50s so not so bad. We won.

Good night everyone. Oh, Baby just threw up. Doesn't look like a wet