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Default Happy New Year RPCA!

On Thu, 25 Jan 2018 12:55:15 -0500, jmcquown

t snowed here on January 3rd. Got a good 3-4 inches here on
Dataw/Saint Helena Island. Practically unheard of! The power went out
for a few hours. I went out for a walk. Got all bundled up in a
long wool coat with a hood, put on some boots with heavy tread, gloves
and a scarf and went out walking around. I haven't seen a "winter
wonderland" in over a decade. The flakes were big and fluffy.
Thankfully it wasn't a wet, heavy snow. Of course this is not the norm
for this area. There is no equipment for dealing with this sort of
thing so driving is out of the question.

This is my third winter here and it's the first real winter. Last year
winter came on a Sunday. This year we actually have had days where it
was under 40F in the morning. It still gets near 60 during the day,
but I did turn the heat on once or twice.

Nipsy has been sniffling but he's had that before so I'm hopeful that
it's just allergies. He is due for a vet checkup so I"ll have to
arrange theat.

Glad everyone seems to be ok.