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Default Sweet Sixteen Beach Pardy! Ya Awl Come!!!

Pit2nya wrote:

On Thursday, July 4, 2019 at 2:21:01 PM UTC-7, cshenk wrote:
Pit2nya wrote:

On Saturday, June 29, 2019 at 12:31:19 PM UTC-7, Pit2nya wrote:

On negzt Saddurday, Joon Sixt, I wyll hav reetsht da eggzitink
age ov Sixteen!!!! I yam arrangink a Beach Pardy, wiff moozik,
gudgud foodz, inklooding but not limited to BBQ Souvin-Ears,
Mouse Kabobs, and S'mores wiff modified chocolate, safe furr
kitties an goggies ...and, ovkorse, furrrendship!

We will also tape a video, of effurrykitty (an effurrygoggy) who
comes, message to me at this impurrtint okayshun!

AKA Sweetee

P2nya starts loading the teleporter:
Lessee...we'll need shovels to dig the firepits, and coals, and
then some grids fur the roastid SouvinEars, skewers furr the
mousesikkulz, and then some logs in an open pit for the s'mores,
may as well bury some potatos in the coals, and appulz, tuu. I'll
put in Blankitz to lay on, and more furr kovers...Oh yes, we'll
want to tape the video...that'll only take Mom's Smartphone! I
can rent the surfboards...Soo mutch to do!!!

Whoo kin bring da moosik???

P2nya, trying not to panic

Daisy-chan wanders over with an elderly Great Dane. He sets to
digging the firepit. He may not be as fast as a younger dog, but
with his huge paws, he makes pretty fast work of it.

P2nya stands not-tuu-close... WOW!!! Fangz, Great-Big-Goggy!!!
Dat Hewlpz allott! Kin yu du about thwree ov dem?

P2nya countink da daze...

Prince grins and digs 2 more where she says she needs them then nods
and heads to a blanket for a nap.