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Default Cats in Navarre, FL

I live in North shores, on the sound side, in Navarre, Fl. I am now
taking care of between 6 and 8 cats on any given day. They all seemed
to appear after hurricane Ivan.

I just spent about $80 for a weeks worth of food yeasterday. I really
cannot let a cat starve. Most of these cats must belong to someone
because I have been able to get them to come to me.

If there is anyone who is missing a cat along or off of Rt. 98 please
write to me. Most of the cats were almost starved by the time they
found me. There are 2 gray cats, one red striped with a white
stomach, one black cat, 2 gray striped cats, one with a very dististive
nose marking, and others.

I have only been able to afford to have one vaccinated and neutered.
That cat is a reddish yellow cat. I have been able to bring him into
the house and I will not give him up.

If anyone recognizes these discriptions please post a message to me and
I'll see if I can return the cat. The red and white cat had on a green
collar that I had to remove because it had become too tight.
If anyone knows where I can have all of these cats checked over by a Vet
and neutured , at a reduce price, I welcome the imformation. I will not
turn away any of the cats until a suitable home, where they will be
vaccinated and neutered, can be found.

Cat lady of Navarre

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