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Default Plans for Jellicle Ball 2016

Sundance and/or Rebecca wrote in

Sundance an me likez Ginger Canyon (Sundance fingkz it must be named
for orinj kittiez!), but the uther placez sownz gud, too.

We will, ub korse, need a master or mistress of serrymoniez. I haz
had dat onner fur sefural yeerz. I iz willin to do it agin if nocat
else wud like to do it. Maybe wun of owr yunger kitties wud like to
lern whut iz needed, so dey kud take ober when dey is reddy. Whut duz
yoo all fingk?


Ginger canyon it is then.

I think I can understand the master of ceremonies and bring along a
reader, if that seems best. Let me know. Then, there will be 2 of us